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The benefits of using WhatsApp Messenger for instant communication needs a huge page to get completed with the perfect info. However, human nature is super contrasting, and we don’t like to use the same features and benefits all the time. Our nature unquestionably needs some changes in daily life, then the Android application must need to be changed as per our urges. If the official version can’t change itself, let’s advance to FM WhatsApp.
The FMWhatsApp is a third-party version of the WhatsApp Messenger. If you have never heard of it, the name will get in your acknowledgement very soon. It’s revolving superfast and being downloaded on so many Android smartphones, as it offers a fully customizable messaging interface with a blossom of advanced messaging features. After having this app, you can leave everything, including the messaging, to the app itself.
WhatsApp is something extraordinary, and we know that you cannot take it so lightly to use other third-party app versions in its place. We know that very well. But what if we say that FM WhatsApp is an anti-ban application? Yeah, Anti-Ban scripts help this app to possess all those remarkable features and customization freaks without being warned by the app or the company to stop using it. Afterward, the servers are also the same in both the apps. 

What is FMWhatsApp APK for?

FM basically stands for Fouad Mods, and their official webpage will show you all their creations they created with the top-notch developers. They are really creative in modifying the Android apps, as you can see in the FMWhatsApp itself, which contains various themes in the theme store, emojis in the emoji store, and fonts in the font store. Moreover, all these stores are absolutely open-source that anyone can enter and download stuff free from there.
We see the developers who really ask for money to have their superb creations, but modifiers basically use the same servers as the official apps to keep you safe and take nothing from you. You can call that either the pro or con of technology. However, what you’re getting with the FM WhatsApp is remarkable, as all those features will change the way of messaging for you? You can now be super private while messaging with the privacy features of the app.
Furthermore, there is no struggle for cloud saving of data anymore, as the data gets backed up and restored super easily with just a button on the Local Storage space. You can automatically reply to those messages even while having no smartphone in your hand by an automated bot created by the Fouad Mods developers. Every impossible messaging feature can simply be possible with the FMWhatsApp APK, so why shouldn’t you have it?


Using the official WhatsApp Messenger as an official communication app has both pros and cons. In the marks of pros, you get all your friends or contacts listed on WhatsApp as it’s being used by most of the global population, and also it’s a convenient messaging app. But as a con, you get no internal hands to customize the app interface and add external privacy to your account. FM WhatsApp contains all of these, including the below few features:

Always Online

Not just hiding the online status is important for the WhatsApp users, but I also have seen people in my life who actually want to show themselves always online on WhatsApp. This thing can also have many benefits, as you can show your contacts that you’re always ready to respond if that benefits you.
So there is a feature that you get with this WhatsApp Mod which, after being enabled, lets you show your status online always. After this, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using WhatsApp or not, your account will be shown online and ready to message to all your contacts 24/7.

Plethora of Themes

Themes give an addition to the beauty of WhatsApp mod named FMWhatsApp. There are a plethora of themes you’ll get with this app, and all these themes are built ready to be installed on the WhatsApp interface. Customization can be simple and rapid using these themes.
The same way you install themes on your Android smartphones from the Theme Stores, this WhatsApp will also have a library with an option to install any particular theme at a time. Creation of own themes is also possible through this application and that’d be majorly liked by you.

Unique Emoji Styles

Emoticons are important these days between the messages, and you won’t believe, but people are even typing and using the emoticons shown in the references to the word they typed instead. They are the most simplistic way of sharing emotions and such kinds of messages.
Now you can share emoticons differently with the WhatsApp Mods. There are 5-6 different emoji styles you get with our app, which can be used on the messenger to be shown only on your display, but would be officially the same as the messengers using the official app.

WhatsApp Lock

WhatsApp doesn't have any security in actuality, and people get to find different apps on the Google Play Store which can get linked with their messaging app and give the advanced security. Why do all these struggles when all you need is a modified app with advanced security?
After hearing the word mod, people get back with a feeling of insecure apps. But the FM WhatsApp is the most secure version of WhatsApp as it contains the additional security feature after which you can secure your messages in particular within the complete app. Use it right now if you want a more secure messenger in place of an official one.

Hide Chats

Hiding Chats is also a part of securing messages because whatever you hide gets stored in a different space, so even if someone accesses your WhatsApp using a password, they still can’t see the chats that you hid. This feature is crucial for the chatters who want privacy.
This kind of privacy is not even available with Telegram and other messaging apps, where you can hide the chats, but the FM version will take you there. You can now hide chats with a simple process by downloading and using this version from now onwards.

More features

FM WhatsApp APK is a lion of the messaging jungle as it contains all the features and has pride of being the biggest in Privacy, Security, Customization, and Emojis collection. The features available in this application are really adorable and large so that people are going to like it anyway.
Even if we keep the above bigger features apart, we still get some outstanding features like hiding the Forwarded Mark, hiding media from Gallery, downloading status, enjoying interface customization, and auto-replying to messages. More features are there, but you need to download and install that sophisticated messaging app for having all such features in mind.

Download latest FMWhatsApp APK for Android

Twist your messaging today with the tactical features available on the generic app interface of FM WhatsApp APK. You’ll see all the general features along with the new advancements on WhatsApp's interface, and a unique space for all those new free features. I spent my whole day knowing each of those features in depth and wrote the above article to help you acknowledge it. Now it’s your time to review the app and all our best deeds to get this app to you.


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